Established in 2018

The Black Woodpecker, Inc. was established in Richland, WA in 2018. It is a family owned and operated business, specializing in siding and residential remodeling. Our most seasoned project manager has over 27 years of hands-on experience building large custom homes and doing high-end remodeling projects prior to founding The Black Woodpecker Inc. He also has years of experience managing and overseeing large projects and crews. Given his extensive background in construction, he came up with the business name to match the services we offer today. The rest of our upper management team is composed of two additional co-owners who have also mastered the craft, processes, and methods of quality construction and remodeling. Together, their combined knowledge, skills and experience serve as a trusted guidance of expertise that help execute each Black Woodpecker project. 


The Significance Behind The Name

Woodpeckers are unique; they are hard working, persistent, resilient and intelligent. They are the only type of birds that use their strength and resilience to build their homes out of dead trees using their beaks. Their method of building their homes is quite creative and unique. They demonstrate that one can create their own opportunities, even in circumstances that seem to be unfavorable.  



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