4 Exterior Remodeling Projects You Can Do In The Winter

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Waiting for the perfect time to work on the exterior of your home may seem like an eternity, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest where summers are short. You do not have to wait until summer to get your project done. Get it done now so you can use it this upcoming spring and summer. Here are four exterior remodeling projects you or your contractor can do in the winter:


You might be thinking that it's not a great idea to do your siding in the winter because it leaves your home exposed to the rain, snow and cold, but for a siding company like us, it is the perfect time to get it done. We work by section (wall per wall) to ensure we don't leave the entire home exposed. Once the siding is removed, our crew quickly covers the area with plastic house wrap and/or insulation foam. We then begin our installation and we cover with caulking for complete protection and coverage. Read our other blog post to learn all the benefits you get with new siding (including a lower electricity bill). Enjoy the benefits of a better-insulated home, and a new look for your family to constantly admire.


As long as it's not raining, most framers continue to work in construction year-long. Yes, even when it's snowing. Get your deck project done in the winter to fill up your summer calendar with activities. Who would want to sit inside during the summer waiting for a deck to be built instead of using it ALL summer long? Once you have a deck, its a game changer because you will use it to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee in your hand, or to do yoga in the morning. Your kids will enjoy it during the day with their games and activities, and your family will enjoy it in the evenings with a barbecue, game night, or romantic star-gazing. Enjoy the most out of your deck this spring and summer by getting your project done in the winter.


Do you love the camping experience and would love the cabin experience every winter weekend? Create a stunning fire pit with stone that will make you feel like you are camping or vacationing at a luxurious cabin, but right in your backyard. There are many creative ways a fire pit can be made, giving you the advantage of customizing your own outdoor space to fit your family and needs. You may immediately begin using your fire pit once it is done and can use it year-long, making it an smart investment. This is surely a great outdoor home project you can work on in the winter.


Build a stunning fully-customized wood patio cover with stone, or a gazebo. The best thing about patio covers is that they can be used year-long. Envision this: a fire pit built under a covered patio surrounded by couches and your family huddled up together enjoying marshmallows and hot chocolate. Or a full bar area with a grill, perfect for summer barbecue gatherings with your buddies or girls. Hang some lights, set up a TV to watch sports games, or an outdoor sound system to dance the night away. Getting the most out of it year-long makes it a great investment. You will thank yourself for building a magical space for your friends and family to enjoy.

Whether you opt to do it yourself, or hire a contractor, these four winter remodeling projects are a great investment any homeowner can make. Doing them in the winter will give you the advantage of fully enjoying them during the best season for outdoor activities, summer. Create a vacation-spot right in your backyard that will not only raise the value of your home, but will bring more value into your life with endless meaningful memories.