5 Items that Add Luxury and Warmth to Your Newly Resided Home

Updated: Apr 27

Imagine this: your house finally has new, gorgeous siding in the colors you've been dreaming about for a very long time. You can barely contain yourself with excitement now that your house looks beautiful! So what now? It is time to show your new home to your friends and family! YEAY! But before you do that, it needs a few final touches to really impress your loved ones. Here are 5 things you can add to your home that will help highlight your new siding, create a wow factor, and give your guests a long-lasting warm welcoming:

One of the biggest perks about living in Tri-Cities, WA is that we get to enjoy all four seasons. We get to enjoy the beautiful fall and winter scenery, as well as the sunny days. If your siding has been hideous for a while, chances are that you probably stopped having guests over, especially to hang out with outside. But now that you have a beautiful exterior, you have the ability to pick right back up with your favorite activities with your favorite people. So let's make sure that your backyard is optimal for all of your summer outdoor activities with the following 5 items.

1. New outdoor furniture

It's time to invest in outdoor furniture that compliments your new lifestyle. It's no secret that getting a siding upgrade enhances your style of living, therefore you need furniture that will match it. A siding upgrade gives you the ability to spend more time outdoors, to host more social gatherings, and overall to be more active and present in your social life. If your siding is old, chances are that you probably don't spend a lot of time in your front or back yard as you would if you had a beautiful exterior.

So if you now do have a beautiful home, let's buy outdoor furniture that will help create a welcoming and inviting effect. Not only will your new outdoor furniture compliment your new siding, it will also help ensure that your friends and family are comfortable while visiting you. Whether you select new lounging chairs, a sofa, a bench, a side table, or a coffee table, as long as it makes you and your guests feel more comfortable, and it compliments your new style of living, you can never go wrong with upgrading to newer and better.

2. New outdoor lighting

Once your house has new siding, your old lighting won't look as nice. You will more than likely need new lighting fixtures to match your new, modern exterior. Last week's blog post highlighted our top five favorite outdoor lighting options that you can buy online that goes beautifully with your new siding. You can check out the lighting blog post here. Having a well-lit exterior is important if you plan on spending your upcoming evenings soaking in the magical summery nights. Imagine a front yard and backyard with the perfect amount of soft, romantic glimmer. Good lighting helps your house look more elegant during the day and night, and it also helps your social gatherings feel more magical and intimate.

3. Garden Decor

Don't underestimate the power of garden decorations. Having beautiful decorations displayed throughout your yard helps add elegance and personality to your home. That personal touch helps your house feel more inviting and luxurious if displayed properly. Bring out the garden decor, custom wood signs, flags and other decor that you prefer. If your new siding is a neutral color, it will give you the advantage of selecting bold decorative pieces to make a statement and create a beautiful contrast between the two.

Don't be afraid to set up new bird houses, gorgeous fountains for birds, garden benches, flowers, and other items to help create a lush effect right in your yard. It will compliment your new siding beautifully.

4. Outdoor Rugs

A well constructed rug has the ability to drastically change the look and feel of your exterior space. Outdoor rugs are the perfect accessory to pull furniture together and make people feel closer and connected, as if you were indoors. It adds warmth and can also add luxury to your new space if selected wisely. The best outdoor rugs are durable, and resist moisture and mildew, all while adding comfort to your hangout spot.

Chances are, if you are investing in a new patio area, or outdoor furniture, you will more than likely need a rug to tie in the space together. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog post, we will be posting popular rugs you may like.

5. A fire pit

A fire pit is the perfect item to add to your backyard for entertainment purposes. It gives you the ability to have intimate moments with your partner, or stay warm in the early fall or spring evenings. It creates a warm, inviting, magical atmosphere where you can cook delicious meals for your social gatherings.

If your old siding didn't allow you to have guests over because it was hideous to look at, then your new exterior and new exterior items will help create the perfect hangout spot that you did not have the ability of enjoying beforehand.

Our upcoming blog posts will be highlighting popular outdoor options for each category that you can purchase online. Stay tuned!

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