6 Reasons Why You Should Call The Black Woodpecker

Updated: Apr 27

Do you dislike making phone calls? You aren't alone. In fact, studies show that most people hate phone calls. But avoiding making calls is almost impossible. Some calls are necessary to make, one of them being talking to a contractor about your project. Here are 6 reasons why you should give us a call today:

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1. Fast Response Turnaround

Have you ever contacted a company and left a voicemail, only to be wondering if you'll be contacted back? You eventually forget you ever called them, or you try to get through again. Regardless of whether you get through or not, being unable to get in contact might have you feeling unappreciated or unheard. Well, we are different. We have found that most people that contact us complain about other companies not returning their calls. While it is impossible to answer every call we get especially after business hours, we make sure to at least call back quickly. As soon as you call us, we will either take your call right away or we will return your call within 30 minutes (during business hours) if a voicemail or text is left. We are constantly checking our voicemail and returning calls we may have missed. If you contact us via text or email, we will also reply back to you within 30 minutes by phone, text or email. We care about our customers feeling heard.

Fast Estimate Turnaround: This includes Estimates and Quotes, too! Receive an estimate promptly. All you have to do is send us photos and schedule a time to talk to us on the phone, and we will give you pricing during the phone call. It's that easy!

2. Friendly Customer Service

Nobody likes bad customer service; sarcasm, annoyance, negative tone of voice, being ignored, etc. It is unacceptable here. When you call us, we will always treat you with the utmost respect and do our best to provide a comforting environment. The remodeling process isn't familiar to everyone, so don't feel shy about asking any/all questions you may have. We may not know the answers to everything but we will do our very best to help. This is a judgement-free zone.

We are also very mindful of your time and attempt to be concise. Or, if you prefer to go further into details, we can also take our time to walk you through all the in's and out's. The point is, we customize our customer service to better serve you.

3. Transparent Approach

When you call to get pricing information for your project, we set a time aside to talk one-on-one to see if we are a good fit for your project in terms of timing and budget. We are committed to being fully transparent about our schedule to start your project, the estimated cost of it, and other factors. It's important to be realistic and honest when discussing these things. We also take our time to discuss possible unforeseen things that may come up in your project. That way, you have a better idea ahead of time of what you can expect. Although we cannot account for all unexpected things that may surprise us, we do our best to communicate common possibilities of things we usually see in our trade. In terms of remodeling, projects don't always go as planned, and surprises almost always arise, which is why we have a transparent approach.

4. Priority Service

As a small business, we only take up a selected amount of projects per year to give our projects/clients our full and undivided attention. When we step foot in your home, we give you priority service and do our best to deliver the project on time. To do that, we don't stop in the middle of your project to work on another project. Our days of operation are from Monday through Friday, and our hours vary daily. What does that mean? For example, let's say that we installed siding and are ready to paint, we might not start painting until the weather is favorable. For reasons such as this one, we might start work late, or finish the day early. Regardless, we make sure to communicate these things ahead of time. It's very important to us that we stay on schedule and finish the project promptly. That is a top priority.

5. Dedication

We take pride in having the dedication to getting our projects done on time and to a superior quality standard regardless of roadblocks that may come up. We are resilient and work hard to getting the job done right.

6. Reliability

What makes us reliable? When we work together, we make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered promptly. We understand that communication is important, therefore we make it easy to communicate with us via phone, text or email within normal business hours (unless it is an emergency). We are available all year to do repairs, warranty work or take your call if you want to chat. Our products are also reliable since we have received training on how to install them properly.

We can list more reasons why you should call us, but in the meantime, we hope these 6 important reasons suffice and encourage you to pick up the phone and start the process that will make you fall in love with your home.

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