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Beautiful Home Interior With an Ugly Exterior?

When we receive calls from people wanting a siding quote, we sometimes hear; "My siding is so ugly, it needs updating", or "I need to change my siding because it doesn't match my desired aesthetic.", or "Now that I've updated my interior, I've realized that my exterior doesn't match.". We LOVE getting these calls because we love updating old exteriors. Here are 3 ways we solve this common issue:

You are more than likely here because you are realizing that you must let go of your old exterior. After all, there's only so much one can do with an outdated, ugly, and ineffective product. It's scary but once we come to terms that the best solution is to tear everything up and start fresh, things get a lot easier. Therefore, let's make room to re-create the entire exterior design; siding, eaves, lighting, trim work, colors, all of it.

Before we get into it, I want to briefly share with you the story of the above image because not only does it resonate with a very common issue, it also highlights a key towards solving it. When Erika and Randy called us last Winter, they said they were in search of a siding company that could give them a siding quote, something simple. After talking for a few minutes, I discovered that what they were truly looking for was a company that could pull off their vision to match their home's exterior with their newly renovated interior space. In other words, they weren't looking for just any siding product that you could slap on their wall. They were after a specific design that could help them accomplish a seamless transition between both worlds.

Imagine this, you are pulling up to your driveway after a long day of work. Your environment feels heavy and dull as you walk up to your front door. You don't really pay attention to your dying grass, or the old furniture sitting on your front porch, or the chipping paint covering your exterior. After unlocking your door, you enter into your safe space. You exhale and feel a little better. Why is that? Your surroundings have a significant impact in the way you feel. If you renovated your interior space to reflect your personality, it will definitely impact your mood for the better. In the same manner, having an ugly exterior can make you feel an array of emotions you probably don't want to feel.

Now to get started, what design style did you incorporate in the interior of your home? Knowing this information will help you figure out if you want to incorporate the same style to the exterior of your home, or if you want to head in a different direction. Most homeowners usually like to mirror their exterior to their interior space because the transition between the front door to the living room flows nicely. Putting a label to your design vision is important. After you pin-point the design style, everything else becomes easier.

Next, we help you add elements that will play up your home's main focal points. Each house has a main attractive feature that draws your attention. Knowing what this feature is can give you major leverage in selecting your design. For example, this house is pretty long. The first thing people notice from afar is not the front of the house, it's actually the left and right sides. Adding shake siding to the side gables gave this home character and charm. Additionally, using 3 paint colors instead of the usual 2 helped play up all the features of this home.

Lastly, we help you decorate your home with items that will compliment your desired style of living. Having outdoor decor, furniture, and lighting can make a huge impact in the final look. If you really want to enhance the curb appeal, we can help you incorporate matching accessories that will ensure your house pops out from the rest of the houses in the block. We generate lists of affordable and high-end recommended picks that would look fantastic in your home.

Check out this aesthetically pleasing video of our team painting this house:

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