How Your Siding Can Impact Your Feasibility to Sell Your Home

It's not uncommon for a house to need work done before being put on the market. In fact, homeowners will occasionally call us, needing immediate help to repair their damaged siding due to a failed inspection. The problem is that most siding contractors are not available immediately. Most of us are booked out at least a couple of months. This can definitely be an inconvenience if you are wanting to sell your house ASAP. Here is how we can help you make sure your siding is in tip-top shape in anticipation to putting your house on the market:

Due to receiving a high volume of repair requests, we are now offering siding evaluations to help prepare homeowners in repairing their siding before putting their homes on the market.

What is a siding evaluation?

A siding evaluation consists of getting your siding evaluated by a team of siding professionals, who will then prepare a list of items we believe needs repair. You will receive a list of top-priority items, and low-priority items. For example, low priority items are generally cosmetic flaws that might not necessarily fail inspection, but that comprises the curb appeal of your home. The last thing you want is for the buyers to want these cosmetic issues resolved ASAP before buying. Top-priority items can consist of looking for any issues of rot, mold, warping, paint peeling, etc. Basically, we look for any signs of damage that we believe could result in a failed inspection. We then give you a cost for our company to take care of those items.

How do I obtain a siding evaluation?

Our siding evaluations are done by appointment only. The first step is to give you a free estimate over the phone so that you know the ballpark cost and the estimated timeframe for taking care of it before we even set foot on your property. To do this, we ask that you book your time to talk to us here, and send over photos of any areas you think may need repair. We will then call you to give you a ballpark figure. If all sounds good to you, we will send you a link to schedule the siding evaluation appointment.

Is there a fee?

For just a small fee of $250, you will get the advantage of learning what items need repair before you even put your house on the market. If you decide to sign the contract within 30 days of the evaluation, the evaluation fee will be credited towards the project.

What happens after the evaluation?

You will receive the evaluation results (a PDF document) via email within 1 business day after we visit with you.

What happens if my house needs a lot of repair work?

That is what the evaluation is for! Doing a lot of repairs to a property is sometimes not feasible or recommended if it will look too patchy. If that is the case, we will have a conversation with you about doing a complete replacement versus a repair. We believe in full transparency, and if we come across something that we believe isn't going to work, we will give you our expert take on it, plus the action plan and the cost to do it.

Do we receive any sort of guarantee?

Yes! If we are hired to do the work, you will receive a one year workmanship warranty to cover the repair work. We will also inspect it before the warranty ends to make sure everything is working properly, that way you don't even have to worry about it.

If you would like to get the process started, visit this link to schedule your free estimate. After that, please email us photos of your house to so that we can calculate the ballpark figure of your project before we give you a call.

My advice is to take care of your siding now. Plan accordingly.

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