Siding With A Feminine Touch

Updated: Apr 27

I am probably the girliest siding contractor in my area. Everything about me screams girly: from wearing high heels, bold lipstick, to wearing a hot pink hard hat. I fully and wholeheartedly embrace my feminine qualities. Rather than to diminish my true self or resort to blending in with the guys, I have found that I bring value to the people around me by being myself.

The truth is, women in construction only compromise 10.3 percent of total people that work in construction. For the few of us that are in the construction field, we aren't easily accepted or welcomed by our fellow coworkers, or perhaps by someone from upper-management. We are viewed as weak, fragile, incompetent, slow, emotional etc. "You are too this, you are too that". We don't quite fit in. For this reason, many of us try our hardest to fit in by leaving all feminine qualities behind. Therefore, the fact that I am able to be my authentic self in this industry has been an immense blessing. I am beyond grateful to be part of a community that embraces me for who I am.

Dress To Impress

When you go shopping for clothing, do you ever avoid certain fabrics or patterns because you don’t like the way it makes your body look or feel? I do! When I go shopping for clothing, I select quality fabrics because I know that they last longer and help my body look and feel decent. Why does it matter? When I dress myself in the morning, I try to dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable and that will help me make a good first impression. Well, in the same manner, I strive to give houses the same effect. I dress houses with high quality products that will compliment the home’s silhouette and help protect it. With a beautiful combination of siding, paint and roofing, we help houses stand out. I want your friends and guests to be in awe when they pull up to your newly renovated house. I want your guests gushing over your new exterior, and most importantly, I want you to love your new exterior.

In short, I strive to wrap each house in quality materials that will last a long time, protect it from elements and that will help increase its curb appeal and market value.


Most professionals (regardless of age, sex, or gender) in this industry are creative and have a keen eye for details. Details are important, especially when it comes to the first impression people have of you; the front of your house. You don't get a second chance at making a killer first impression, which is why we are very meticulous and don’t rush ourselves in order to deliver outstanding results you will be happy with. You can ask any professional in this industry and they will agree that having a keen eye for details is important in this line of work.


We strive to deliver maximum protection humanly possible, which can only be achieved by not cutting corners. Our siding installation is done by the book to give homeowners the peace of mind they need by having their valuable assets protected. Why does it matter? Cutting corners can result in an ineffective exterior that won’t fully protect your Home from being subject to damage. It can also implicate a shorter product lifespan. Since we care about our customer, we periodically undergo product training to ensure that every product we install is installed correctly and lives up to its expected lifespan. We also leave our customers a copy of a care & maintenance guide to show them how to maintain their siding so that it can last a long time. How nifty is that?

Our final inspections are also based on the product installation guide, which gives our customers the guarantee and peace of mind that their new siding will be installed the right way. We give our customers a copy of the final inspection results.

Empathetic Communication

Women are stereotypically viewed as emotional people. We are associated with being nurturing, empathetic, caring, warm, and also very emotional. Although these traits might not apply to all women, I can definitely relate to these associations. To begin, not everyone possesses the ability to be empathetic or the skill of being a good communicator, and they’re not exclusive to one gender or sex. To me, being an empathetic person means that I am able to actively listen, identify emotions/problems, and can help people process them. Communicating in a empathetic way is the gateway towards helping the other person feel heard and understood, and finding proactive solutions. For example, feeling confused, worried, anxious etc. are not uncommon feelings when you are getting your home remodeled. Which is why communication, empathy and trust need to be part of the process. Ego has no room here. As an empathetic person, I understand that these feelings are normal when remodeling and I have found that setting the expectations straight before the project begins completely minimizes/erases the possibility of these feelings of confusion or anxiousness from occurring.

We also communicate any changes as soon as possible, rather than the last minute. No last-minute surprises. We always joke that we might even annoy you with so many questions and updates because we really do care about your satisfaction.

Siding with a feminine touch means that we prioritize taking care of our customers by showing them the value of easy and empathetic communication. As a team we are present to communicate with you throughout the process, and we will do our absolute best to accentuate your home by providing quality craftsmanship and quality products to choose from because taking care of our customers is important to us. We show our customers that we truly value them by being easy to communicate with, setting clear expectations and working with them as a team.

As a final note, this is just my very own personal perspective of the way I view our services and process. As the lead communication person of our company, I am present from the start to finish of each project. and we like to shape our services to reflect quality work and excellent customer service, with the goal being to increase the curb appeal of each home we remodel. Our entire siding crew also shares the same core values. This approach may or may not be the case for everyone, and it may apply to anyone regardless of sex or gender. Every contractor is different, and we all offer a unique value.


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