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Why You Should Get Fiber Cement Siding Installed On Your Home

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It all boils down to preference, but it seems like fiber cement siding continues to stand out among other siding types due to its performance and durability. Did you know that fiber cement has fire resistant properties? Read more below:

Fire Resistant

Fiber cement siding is the only siding that has a Class A Fire Rating, which means that it can slow down fires from spreading and withstand fires for several hours, giving first responders plenty of time to respond. Other siding types such as wood and vinyl melt more quickly when they come in contact with fire, making them an unattractive option regardless of affordability. If you live in an area that is prone to dry wind and fires, then fiber cement siding is for you! As an alternative, you can also explore other options such as aluminum, steel, stucco, brick and stone. These options are also highly fire resistant, each having their own level of resistance to fire.

Water Resistant

Vinyl siding is one of the most water resistant siding types due to the fact that it doesn't absorb water. However, if water does somehow enter and become trapped in-between the wall and siding, then it can lead to water damage issues. Careful maintenance and washing is encouraged to avoid this issue with vinyl siding. Fiber cement holds up very well in harsh wet conditions, making it a great material in areas prone to constant rainfall and humidity. Wood cedar siding can also be waterproof if it is coated with a water-resistant treatment. The downside is that it will have to be re-applied time after time again.

Heat Resistant

Fiber cement also performs well under the heat. Its properties prevent it from quick sun damage and fading. With fiber cement siding, you don't have to worry about it warping or melting like vinyl siding, especially in high heat areas. Want your siding to last longer? Invest in Hardie ColorPlus Siding, which is fiber cement that undergoes a special process that gives it an even longer lifespan than regular fiber cement. It is more pricy but in the long run it saves you money because it outlasts other siding options. Colorplus siding already comes painted.

Rewarding Return on Investment

What some homeowners don’t know about fiber cement is, in terms of cost, fiber cement siding is on the high side, but research shows that it's one of the most rewarding materials to incorporate into your home because of the Return on Investment. On average, fiber cement siding delivers a 68.3% - 74.9% ROI. When you improve your home's curb appeal with a durable, high quality product, it help's raise the home's market value so that when you sell it, you are able to recoup a significant portion of your siding replacement.

Energy Efficient

You can expect to experience an improvement in energy efficiency which can help your home feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and lower monthly utility bills. We recommend you also get energy efficient windows, and that you make sure that your roofing is efficient to get the maximum energy efficient benefits.

In conclusion, fiber cement has superior durability and performance on almost every category, making it one of the smartest and best investments any homeowner can make. It is highly durable and is even mold resistant. The clean, cedar grain look and feel makes it an attractive material that is sure to improve the curb appeal of any home. It also comes in a smooth finish. Still having a hard time making a choice? Turn to The Black Woodpecker in Richland, WA for your siding replacement questions.

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