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Here is What To Expect For Your Siding Project When You Decide to Work With us

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Every project varies. Here is our general siding process from the beginning to the end.

On-Site Consultation

At this point, you've already obtained a free estimate over the phone, now it's time we visit your home and take exact measurements. The point of the site consultation is to come up with an exact cost based on what we are able to see. It does not include unforeseen circumstances such as finding asbestos, termites, rotted sheathing etc.

We will generate an official quote. There is a small consolation fee, which is credited towards the project if it is signed within the next x days. You can skip the consultation fee if you sign the contract the same day of the on-site consultation.

Deposit and Contract Signing At the time of signing the contract we collect a 50% deposit via check, debit or credit. We sign the contract via an online PDF software for convenience.

Permit Submission, order materials and portable toilet

Once the payment has been processed successfully by the bank (1-5 days or so wait time), we then submit the permit application to your city. We will then contact our supplier on the same day and submit the order for materials. We schedule the delivery of materials and portable toilet to be delivered around the week of the start date.

Days 1-5

Once the city has approved the permit application, we start. The first few days flow a bit slow because we are setting up and adjusting ourselves to the site. We begin the demolition and take a few trips to the dumpsite throughout the following days if we are unable to do it in one trip. We then prep the wall surface and install the house wrap.

Weeks 2-4

By the time the second week of the project rolls by, we are usually installing the trim and siding. Depending on the scope of work and project size, it could be anywhere between 2-4 weeks.


After the installation of the materials has been finalized, we schedule the final inspection. We usually wait anywhere between 1-4 days for our turn for the final inspection.

Final Day

Once the inspection has passed, we will do a final walkthrough with you as our team is cleaning and putting our tools away. We then take remaining payment via check, debit, credit, or cash. You will receive a printed package of care and maintenance instructions for your new siding.

All Done

And just like that now you and your family now have a stunning exterior! Gather all your friends and family to surprise them with your newest investment! Make sure to leave us a review on our Google page, post photos and tag us!


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